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Electromechanical engravers for gravure cylinders

Application-specific electromechanical engraving heads with engraving frequencies and operating modes adjusted to suit particular applications up to 9 kHz, can be combined with Hybrid Engraving and high depth engraving within a single head

Vision 3 based, one-side variable, engraver for packaging gravure

Prism engraver combined with Vista II and QuickCell test cut processes, for packaging gravure

Fully automatic, symmetrically variable, engravers for hollow and shafted cylinders. Combined with Vista II and QuickCell test cut processes

Small foot-print engraver for hollow cylinders in packaging gravure, suitable for automatic lines

Engraver for decorative gravure, suitable for automatic lines

Engraver for decorative gravure, suitable for automatic lines

Engraver for large cylinders with circumferences up to 2200+ mm and custom cylinder length. Hollow spindle allows 100 mm diameter shafts to be swallowed to 1 m of depth for optimal clamping

Software and systems

Cylinder layout software for step-and-repeat or full-up workflows

Simultaneous contone and high-resolution linework engraving on a gravure cylinder in a single operation, for high-quality applications on Spectrum and Prism engravers

Software to drive a HELL HelioKlischograph from Collage

Prism’s and Spectrum’s exactly emulating HELL HelioKlischograph screening such that OHIO and HELL cylinders can be mixed moiré free

Vista II, QuickCell

Fully and semi-automated test cut processes for high-quality, homogeneous, and reproducible engraving using both depth and width (volume data) sensory inputs

Engrave quality management

Vital Proof

Documentation of engraving through direct measurement of stylus path during real-time engraving for quality management and ideally alternative for cylinder proof


Auto-capture and documentation of preselected cells via Collage

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