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Universal system platform in several working widths for all kinds of laser sources and optics (mask ablation and/or direct lasering, gravure, decorative, embossing, and direct microstructuring of metals and ceramics) in single- and multi-beam mode depending on application

Digilas Basic

Entry-level model for laser mask ablation and direct lasering in various applications, working width up to 1600 mm, cylinder weight up to 300 kg

Digilas 2900C

For packaging gravure and security printing, cylinder weight up to 500 kg

Digilas 3500

For packaging gravure, cylinder weight up to 1500 kg

Digilas 5000, 6000, 7000

For decorative cylinders and technical/embossing rollers, cylinder weight up to 3000 kg

Digilas 8000, 9000

For technical and embossing rollers, cylinder weight up to 12,000 kg

Laser sources for the Digilas platform

Continuous wave fiber laser

4- to 8-beam engraving for etching mask ablation and direct lasering ceramic surfaces of anilox rollers

Nanosecond pulsed fiber laser

Single- and multi-beam engraving of metal surfaces for gravure and embossing rollers, engraving of ceramic surfaces, 2-4-8 beam

Picosecond pulsed laser

High-precision structuring of any materials, for microstructures, intaglio printing, plastic surfaces, 2-4 beam

Infrared laser

LAMS applications and direct lasering

Double frequency fiber laser, green

For exceptionally high resolutions

Processing units

RuE 5000, 6000

Cleaning tanks for cylinders and rollers prior to coating and after etching

SPB 5000, 6000S, 9000

Spray coating machines for uniform coating of cylinders that are to be imaged and etched using a single- or multi-stage process

VTB Sleeve 2500

Vertical ring coating unit for cylinders undergoing subsequent imaging with Digilas and etching

SPM 5000, 6000, 9000

Spray etching machines for deep etching of cells for optimally narrow cell walls combined with a big cell depth

Embossing roller brushing machine

Grinding machine with two brush rotation axes for use on embossing cylinders after direct lasering or etching

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