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Welcome to Kaspar Graphic Solutions

Our Company started in the late 70’s just outside of Chicago as K. Walter Service Corp.

KWS as we were known, had the responsibility to provide sales, service, spare parts in support of our parent company, Kaspar Walter Germany. Our territory was that of North America.

K. Walter Germany manufactured equipment for the Gravure Industry, machines such as, Copper and Chrome Plating Equipment, polishing equipment, Cleaning equipment and automation of such plating lines.

In the early 90’s KWS expanded its operations to South Carolina which was close to many customers and other critical resources.

In this move, we expanded our capabilities with the addition of a machine and fabrication shop. The addition of our shop enabled us to make spare parts for K. Walter Equipment in a cost-effective manner and greatly reduced lead times for customers.

The shop also gave us the capability to help the company develop solutions to unique customer request along with help to build equipment when needed.  For the first time we were also able to perform major equipment overhauls right here in North America.

We also added a copper plating department with cutting and polishing machines. Our plating line enables us to help customers produce cylinders in times of needed capacity. We also develop chemistry which is tested in our own process along with polishing tools and Diamond finishing tools are used by our customers.  We can do all the testing, data collection and development of such consumables here in our location so that by the time they reach our customer we don’t miss a beat.

Once again, recently, we have increased both our foot print and our capabilities with the addition of our Elastomer manufacturing plant in Greeneville TN but also our Flexo Chemistry and Gravure Chemistry blending in that same plant.

We have added expertise to further cover the expanded product line of Heliograph in Flexo, Dry Offset, Offset, and Digital Printing.

Our team produces Elastomer and Rubber plates, provides services for imaging equipment, distilling equipment and processing equipment along with training and spare parts for the same.

Along with the additional product lines and manufacturing we have added a Heliograph Innovation center. In the Innovation center we provide a showcase of the direct laser technology from Hell called the Premium Setter. This laser is coupled with our very own Heliograph KARELDIRECT Elastomer we can show clients what high Flexo and Dry Offset really is.

We provide customer training, testing and even daily production for our clients which are requiring the highest levels of print fidelity and true digital quality. This is something that easily be achieved by our team of experts working at our Innovation center.

Our comprehensive Product and Service portfolio is completed by our exciting KAREL Product Lines. These product lines are produced in our Tennessee location and distributed by the Heliograph International network of subsidiary’s and dealers.


Elastomer Flexo, Dry Offset or Offset Coating Plate with superior ink release characteristics and extreme long print life compared to other existing printing plates. Produced and tested beyond and doubt and strong supporting data. Thanks to inhouse operations.


A diverse line of Flexo plate washout chemistry, developed to be low odor, the fastest possible washout of Flexo plates at the highest quality. Our portfolio of Flexo Washout Chemistry has just what you’ve needed and asked for.

Thank You for stopping by. We hope you find our Website informative, educational, and helpful.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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